App & Web Design

We create easy-to-use, high-return websites and mobile apps that please customers and search engines alike. Cre8ve Online specializes in creative and innovative startups, specifically passive income-generating websites, apps and digital products.

Our apps and websites are designed to pay for themselves in purely self-generated income - many times over!    See examples

A new website

You've come to the right place! We know how to create a website that pays for itself by attracting customers and generating sales. First we need to ask a few questions about your requirements...

Do you want your new website to be mobile responsive?

Responsive website

A mobile responsive website will automatically adjust itself to fit nicely on any size screen. So if your customers are looking at the website on a phone, or a tablet, or even a large HD display, the website will be easy to read and simple to navigate.

Do you want to be able to update the website yourself?

Content management

A content management system lets you log in securely from any computer connected to the internet, and make changes to your website: Text changes, adding/removing images, videos and adding new pages. This feature requires no coding knowledge nor training - it's a simple, point-and-click, drag-and-drop interface that allows you complete control of your website.

Do you want to sell products on your website?

eCommerce websites

An eCommerce system allows you to sell physical or digital products and services, directly from your website. Customers will be able to pay securely with their credit card and their details will be saved to your database. You'll receive an email notification every time you make a sale.

Will your online shop need advanced customization?

Advanced eCommerce

Advanced features that you don't normally see on standard eCommerce sites, such as product customization features or tailored measurements. If you're not sure, then you probably don't need advanced customization. Click "No" :)

Do you want social media integration?

Social Media

Social Media is used by the majority of internet users, and is a critical tool for brand and business exposure. It's a good idea to have your social media linked strongly to your website to encourage personal recommendation from your customers.

Does your website need any special features or functions?

Dynamic web applications

If you're looking for a very unique type of website, then this is what you need. Think of websites like AirBNB, SkyScanner or Reddit - something that serves millions of users and has very specific functions.

What's your budget?

Budget web packages

Think about what you want to invest in the success of your project. It's likely that you'll make your money back whatever you spend, but the compound on return is higher with a larger investment. Generally with web projects, risk is greater with a larger investment, but reward potential is exponentially greater.

Do you want direct control of the design process?


Obviously, you want some control over the look and feel of your website. But if you want absolute control over every aspect, we'll need to do a wireframe phase. A wireframe is a blueprint plan of your site, which we can develop together to bring your very clear vision to life.

Would this project work better as an app?

App design

If your project is going to be mostly for use on a mobile phone or tablet, and behaves like an application, it may be better to build a web or mobile application than a website. Apps usually have a specific, specialized purpose. Think of Facebook, Spotify, Instagram, or Google Maps - these are examples of web apps when visited in an internet browser. They each also come as native apps which you can download from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

What do you need help with?

Think about what you want to invest in the success of your project. It's likely that you'll make your money back whatever you spend, but the compound on return is higher with a larger investment. Generally with web projects, risk is greater with a larger investment, but reward potential is exponentially greater.

Do you think it might be time for a whole new website?

App design

Just like fixing or modifying the engine of a car, sometimes it is cheaper to replace a website entirely. This can happen if a website is old (5 years is the average lifespan of a good website) or if a failed project has been built with obsolete or badly-designed architecture.

App and web design technologies

Our Clients

We take pride in designing websites for innovative and exciting companies in a range of industries.

With services ranging from mobile app design, to user experience consulting, to e-commerce development, we work with exciting clients in New Zealand and the UK, delivering the very best in modern digital architecture.

Website Design for World of Lucid Dreaming

Why Every Business Needs a Website

The internet has redefined the way business works.

Whether you sell accounting services or used car parts, studies show that 70% of customers use the internet to find what they need.

Having a memorable website that informs and sells is an absolute must for any growing business.

Small businesses choose Cre8ve Online over any other web design company because we don't just design websites - we help your business grow.

Website Design for Lizard Networks

10 Ways We Can Help Your Business Grow

Here's how we can ensure your new website will generate steady new business online:

  1. A prominent page #1 Google ranking
  2. A homepage that sells your product on autopilot
  3. Detailed product information that helps buyers choose you
  4. A professional logo that creates brand awareness
  5. Clean, consistent branding across all your marketing materials
  6. Simple website navigation that creates a sales funnel
  7. Social media features to add virability to your site
  8. A private client login area to build repeat business
  9. The ability to upload and edit your own pages
  10. The optimum website flow to improve the user's experience
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Website Design for Novamind

Founded in the year 2000 by web expert Pete Casale, we specialise in lightweight designs geared to bring in new business on autopilot.

We're confident you'll be inspired by our powerful website designs and logos. We deliver a highly personalised customer service and offer friendly, ongoing support.

Our web services are supported by cutting-edge web technologies, enabling full service e-commerce sites, interactive forums and content management systems.

Website Design for Oracle Coalfields

We also excel in Search Engine Optimisation: a methodology that organically promotes your website to Google's first page search results.

So don't pay through the nose each month to advertise your business on Google. Allow us to design a website that acts as your automatic traffic generator and sales platform.

Reach your customers ahead of the competition with a one-time investment in a quality, dynamic website design and online optimisation.

This single move can catapult your business into a higher league.

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