App Design

We design apps for Apple, Android and web that are snappy and beautiful. We can turn your idea from concept into reality.

We know that for new startup businesses, budget is a key driver. So we'll identify your long term goals and help you choose the features you need, giving you more influence over the cost of your app.

The App Design Process

Our application design process involves:

  • Understanding your business and industry
  • Discussing the look and feel you want to project
  • Exploring and innovating special features
  • Identifying ways of monetising the app
  • Developing a lean, snappy and attractive app
Trucks 4 Hire web application

Lean development is king

The lean "agile" development methodology we use will cut the cost of your mobile app in half. What's more, it allows you to launch sooner, and gives you much greater flexibility and control over the design of your application.

Agile development involves iterative cycles, as opposed to the traditional method of waterfall development. Compare waterfall software development:

Traditional development (not recommended)

  1. Design all the features of the finished app
  2. Develop them all into a launch-ready application
  3. Launch the app on iOS, Android and web
  4. Market the app
  5. User feedback dictates change by highlighting user-unfriendly behaviour, unintuitive interface, unpopular and unused functionality.
  6. Spend time and money redeveloping the application based on user feedback

Compare this to our Agile software development process:

Agile development (recommended)

  1. List all the functionality you want in your app
  2. Divide the features down into must have, should have, and nice to have.
  3. Design the must have features only
  4. Develop them into a working application
  5. User feedback dictates which features should be added next
  6. Repeat this cycle until you are ready to launch
  7. Launch the app on iOS, Android and web

Lucid Dreaming mobile app

Passive income generation

Having a professional application for your business can accelerate your bottom line with:

  • Increased brand awareness
  • Automated income generation via monetization
  • Upsale and marketing list building
  • Wider reach for your products and services
  • Potential to gain viral status, snowballing your business growth

Need a professional app?

Send us as much details as you can. We'll have our app specialist look at it and give you a call or email back.